Aug 072017
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Over the past years, hundreds of programming languages have come available. And, with the tech revolution and constant advances it won’t slow down. To be honest now there is more supply than demand in terms of software development.

Currently, almost every company needs a solid website or a mobile app. There are a lot of software developers, but not all of them are good or not all of them are affordable. Lots of companies are searching for people with right skills, normally software developers should have experience working with agile methodology, implementing TDD and CI.

However they become lost with programming languages in a way that they don’t know which language to focus on. As we all know you can’t be good at everything, people need to choose what area would be their specialization. And demand for software experts across all industries continues to grow. Therefore this article will be about top software languages in 2017; both in terms of demand and preferences of the developers.

Also, I took into consideration new technologies and languages that are emerging to stay ahead in the tech market, which is quite important for every programmer and the project manager. According to Techworm, ICT is growing rapidly, creating about 120,000 new jobs each year. But due to differences in demands and skills, Europe could face a shortage of up to 900,000 skilled ICT workers by 2020.

Top 8 programming languages of the year

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most widespread programming languages nowadays. It is a popular and powerful, scripting language that is used to create websites. It is compatible across all browsers, and is used in almost all the websites. In recent years, JavaScript has also gained use as the foundation of Node.js, a server technology that among other things enables real-time communication. JavaScript continues to grow, it became more usable, allowing offline-first functionality for web apps. Also, Google Trends indicates that JavaScript is growing in searches.

2. Typescript

TypeScript is a statically typed language that compiles to JavaScript and it’s growing very fast. The new version includes all the new features of JavaScript with optional static types. It has improved checks against bugs in a code and any typos, etc. It’s also the preferred language for writing Angular 2 apps.

3. Java

Java is also one of the most adopted programming languages, used by nine million developers and running on seven billion devices globally. It is a class-based, object-oriented language and designed to be portable, which means that you can find it on all platforms, operating systems, and devices. Moreover, it was designed to be a language that could run on any device and that is why it is used for software development for computers, smartphones, and even smart TVs. According to codingdojo, the number of Java positions available on Indeed went up by almost 30,000 in 2017 compared to 2016. Because all native Android apps are built in Java and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Java as a server-side language for backend development.

4. Python

Python is a widely used, general-purpose programming language. It is a scripting language, a solid foundation of many web frameworks. Examples sites that use Python are Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, NASA,etc.

5. PHP

PHP is the most popular server-side programming language in the world. It’s generally used as the foundation of CMS for WordPress and other websites like Wikipedia and Facebook.

6. C#

C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, type-safe, object-oriented programming language. It is intended for use in developing software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments.

7. Scala

Scala is our favorite language in Apiumhub. It is a type-safe programming language that incorporates both object-oriented and functional programming into a concise, logical, and extraordinarily powerful language. This rockstar programming language can handle huge data with its libraries, match patterns and focus on interactive development.

8. Swift

Several year ago, Apple decided to create a new programming language for its iOS and OS X application development and they came up with Swift. It has been in tremendous demand and the developers are learning this skill aggressively. It adopts the best of C and Objective-C, allowing a developer to create an intuitive app. Moreover, it is open source, so developers can also develop on Windows or Linux systems, design their compilers and be assured that their apps are compatible with Apple devices. Swift has been growing a lot in the past years, it adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features which makes programming easy & flexible. Many global companies have been very quick to adopt Swift, and we will see this new language on the rise in the future.

There are other fast growing and promising software languages, but I believe these ones were worth mentioning this year.

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    Ekaterina Novoseltseva is a CMO at Apiumhub – software development hub, which is specialized in web & mobile app design and development.

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