May 192017
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Now we live in a world when we receive a lot of information, which is not very interesting for us. Now we have thousands of articles and blogs for every topic we could think of. That’s why I decided to share with you top 13 agile project management blogs, which we read at Apiumhub on a regular basis. These blogs are useful as for software developers, as for IT project managers as for any other manager, who wants to be agile.

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The first one in my list is – Dzone. Dzone is an excellent place to read articles of software and agile experts from all over the world. Here you will find agile methodology news, tutorials & tools.


Here you will find all agile information you need, I promise! From A to Z and for all agile levels. Nowadays there are a lot of articles online and you are not sure if the source is credible, there are a lot of debates about what it means to be truly agile, etc. Here you will know everything from the first hands, here you will read the truth. Case studies, tutorials, articles, everything you need to be involved in an agile community and learn from the best ones in the industry.


The Toptal Blog is a place for sharing projects and discussing latest technologies. Here you will find all latest news and trends regarding agile project management.


Awesome place for agile software development news. Agile guide, agile tools, conferences, jokes, live interviews, prizes, retrospectives, agile giveaways and other interesting topics you will find here.

Apiumhub blog

Apiumhub blog is an agile project management blog, focused on agile software development. All agile best practices you will find here. Other than that you will find information about how to build working software using CI and TDD. As well as trends, tips and benefits of using each one of them.


This blog is mostly for project managers and product owners. Here you will find all tips and examples of how to manage a project in an efficient and effective way.


Interesting agile blog with a focus on software. Here you will find agile news, tools, reviews, interviews, giveaways for the software development community. Domain Driven Design, Distributed Computing, Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices, Scrum are the hot topics there.


Here you will learn all best scrum practices and tools from fathers of Scrum. Better source of scrum information you just won’t find in the internet.


This blog is all about agile software development. Reading this blog you will see that agile software development has moved from being a cult technique to an increasing part of the mainstream. Martin was at the beginning of agile evolution, Extreme Programming.He is a co-author of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. He lived it all and he normally shares his opinion about new techniques and tools, as well as new trends in agile project management.


Here you will find all useful information about Agile transformation and innovation solutions for business and technology. Articles and case studies for agile project managers to go over digital transformation successfully.


This is a place to get practical and actionable advice, tips and guidance for creating high-performing agile teams. Here you will find articles about agile estimation, agile sprints, agile teams, user stories, product backlog, product owners and many more. It is a realistic and actionable guide for individuals and teams to start with agile and scrum. It focuses on specific problems that teams may encounter when implementing agile and gives detailed recommendations with simple language.


It is a generic and theoretical blog. It provides a lot of information about why Agile should be implemented and how to do it right. It is a good starting point to accumulate more knowledge of agile and scrum to before adopting it. Here you will find articles about agile certification, agile training, scrum training, user Stories, prioritized program backlog, team specialization and many other important topics.


Here you will find best practices on scaling agile. Articles written by agile community members, sharing fresh ideas and perspectives from tech point of view.

I really hope this short list of agile blogs will help you achieve real agility and manage your projects better!

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    Ekaterina Novoseltseva is a CMO at Apiumhub – software development hub, which is specialized in web & mobile app design and development.

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