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Akka.NET: what should you know?

Akka.NET is a framework that simplifies building scalable, highly concurrent, high-throughput, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications by using Microsoft.NET. Akka.NET itself is a port of the original Akka framework written in Scala/JVM. The...


Write a Guest Blog Post!

Do you want to contribute to agile-code.com?   Effective immediately your guest post will be accepted. Submit your guest-post today! Content agile-code.com accepts guest post which must be on any of the following topics: Agile...


Time Zones management in Microsoft.NET

If you are working on a project that has international visibility, as I currently do, where customers from all around the world are able to use your system and perhaps there are few offshore...


The anatomy of a Unit Test

There are many ways of organizing Unit Tests and it depends both by who writes the tests and the team organization within which the project is running. Nevertheless of the organization which may vary:...


Composition over Inheritance

One (clever) question from my colleague during one interview we had days ago was about why is composition preferable over inheritance. On the other side we had a very clever guy as well:) so...

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