Aug 072017

Over the past years, hundreds of programming languages have come available. And, with the tech revolution and constant advances it won’t slow down. To be honest now there is more supply than demand in terms of software development. Currently, almost every company needs a solid website or a mobile app. There are a lot of software developers, but not all of them are good or [… read more]

List of ASP.NET MVC grid controls

 Posted by on January 10, 2014
Jan 102014

I was trying out several grid implementation for my next ASP.NET MVC framework based project, and thought to share with you the list of known grid display solutions I’ve found. All the description have been taken directly from the relative sites. FlexGrid – Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to [… read more]

May 072013

After quite a long time there is a small update on the Google DataTable .NET Wrapper library. For those who are new to the library please check the two previous posts: How to use the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Library What’s new in Google DataTable .NET Wrapper v3.0.0 What is new? First of all I would like to thank Tom Ziesmer who has substantially contributed [… read more]

Jan 262013

Since 2001 Syncfusion provides the broadest range of enterprise-class software components and tools for the Microsoft .NET platform, so it’s not a surprise that as a Software Consultant several times in my working career I had to deal with their libraries and components which usually were reliable, good quality and easy to use. That said, this blog post is not about their components, as there [… read more]

Jan 092013

Google DataTable .NET Wrapper library got its third version (v3.0.0). In this post I will highlight the changes. For basic information about the library check a previous post of how to use the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Library To download or consult the source code please visit the project’s CodePlex page or install directly from Visual Studio by using Nuget PM> Install-Package Google.DataTable.Net.Wrapper Custom object properties [… read more]

Dec 272012

In the previous post I’ve described how to use the library and what are the main characteristics. For sure there is more to come and follow up, so stay tuned. In this post, I would like to describe the big performance improvements made in the meantime, as I was not fully happy with the serialization performance in the first version. As I have just submitted a [… read more]

Dec 232012

As I have just published the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper project on CodePlex GitHub,  the following post intends to be a quick introduction on the rationale on why this project has been created and its implementation. Read further What is new in Google DataTable .Net Wrapper 3.1 What is new in Google DataTable .Net Wrapper 3.0 Improving Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Quick Project Background While [… read more]

Nov 222012

This is the second post of the series about how to load dynamically external content to a html page by using jQuery AJAX capabilities. If you want to know how to use the load() method please check the previous post. There are mainly 4 ways of how jQuery library enables the AJAX requests, and this article covers the second one in the list. using the [… read more]

May 202012

This post is a continuation of the earlier post Object Oriented Javascript – Object Creation, on which are explained the different ways of creating objects in javascript. With this post I would like to explain the other possibilities javascript offers when it comes to the method and properties creation. Adding and deleting methods and properties Javascript is so flexible that we are able to attach [… read more]

May 022012

This post is an introduction to the Object Oriented functionality in JavaScript. I will discuss the ways of creating, instantiation and inheriting objects in JavaScript. JavaScript itself doesn’t contain the class keyword and there are mainly three ways of creating objects in JavaScript, by using: Literal notation new Object() Object templates Literal notation By using the Literal Notation, the object description is a set of [… read more]