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CodePlex to GitHub migration

Microsoft is closing CodePlex after 11 years of it’s existence, for the benefit of GitHub. The announcement came out through the Brian Harry’s blog. In the blog post Microsoft practically admitted that they are...


Google DataTable .Net Wrapper – Usage

Nicholas has written a very good blog-post regarding the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper and how it helped him to boost the development. Please check it out here. Additionally in the Related Posts section please check...


linktotweet.com – open your blog to twitter

In December 2012 I started working on a one-man-project called linktotweet.com. I started the project as an experiment as I wanted to try and learn about the newest available versions of various technologies such...


Using the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper

As I have just published the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper project on CodePlex GitHub,  the following post intends to be a quick introduction on the rationale on why this project has been created and...

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