ServiceStack Succinctly – free e-book

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  • Emma

    Thank you for the book. I have a question. I want to write a Windows Forms application (yes…!) and have it use a hosted database using a public hosting company. The Winfoms client would communicate with the database on the server via the ServerStack service. I could not find an example showing a Winform example. Could you kindly point me to a link? Also, in this scenario, why would one choose a ServerStack implementation insted of MVC API 2? Thx much.

    • Hi Emma,
      There is virtually no difference calling your Web Service from the WinForms. WinForm in this case would be as any other client.
      There are examples in the book showing wow to call the Web Service by using c#.

  • surbhi

    Thanks, for posting Free Ebook of latest technology

  • Great post, thanks to share free e-book with all. We will contact you soon.

  • Hello Zoran, Thank You & syncfusion for the ebook do you have the code for this example hosted on github?