REST Web Services with Unity.WCF

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  • Pacheco

    I would like to congratulate for example using WCF and REST. Help me a lot

  • Anonymous

    Hello, don’t you get an “Endpoint not found” error message on testing this?

  • Daniel Marbach

    Hy zoran
    I would anyone strongly recommend against using Rest WCF. As you mentioned the release of WebApi is the death of Rest Wcf as also statement in various blogposts throughout the internet. A major problem of the WCF approach to rest is that it does not leverage the full capabilities which are needed to design RESTful services. Instead it forces the mindset of SOAP RPC which then usually leads to Level 0 style services according to richardsons model.

    Btw. I’ve looked into WebApi, ServiceStack, OpenRasta, NancyFX, Simple.Web and more and if you want we can chat a bit about my experience there (yes,yes I know I should write a blogpost…;) )


    • Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for commenting out.
      Fully agree with your vision, and indeed, I’ve just updated this post to put even more emphasis on not using WCF for RESTful services.
      Actually, where am I coming from, is that I was experimenting out creating one service and exposing it in different ways (SOAP + Rest) in WCF, and even though it worked out, I really didn’t like it because somehow it simply didn’t feel natural, so I gave up 🙂
      I personally tried OpenRasta, and looked into Service Stack. Both are very good. Today, if I would work on a personal project (not for my current employer), I think I would choose ServiceStack because it seems offering good community support and it is possible to reuse the knowledge we already have. Bay the way, it seems damn fast, by looking at the statistics, so I will definitively try it out soon.
      Cheers, and by the way hope to meet you soon in some occasion.