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MongoDB 3 Succinctly

MongoDB 3 Succinctly e-book is available for a free download. If you are interested in using the MongoDB database for building your applications (especially with .NET), then this e-book is a great start. Check It...


MongoDB – Thinking in Documents

As we all know document databases (such as MongoDB) are very different from the so-got-used-to Relational Databases (RDBMS). In RDBMS when designing the database, one goes through the process of the so called data normalization. Normalization...


SQL Server ghost records – in a nutshell

I was completely unaware of the SQL Server “ghost records” until recently I’ve started using a table in SQL Server database to temporarily store and then delete generated PDF documents as part of a...


MS SQL Server – Querying object info

I am migrating some old posts to this blog, so I though it would be good to migrate this one too. This post has been originally written in February 2010, but still actual and...


Choose your SQL Server schema comparison tool

Whenever you are working on a database solution that involves more than one deployment environment you need to be sure that you are running the same database schema and usually the same reference data....


LINQ Standard Query Operators

Standard Query Operators are the “heart” of LINQ, as those operators are representing the API that we need to go through in order to do any LINQ query. There are two sets of LINQ... powroznik_54