AJAX with jQuery – using the get() method

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  • jQuery get() method sends an HTTP GET request to a page load data from the server back.

    $.get(“ajax.php”, function(data, status){
    console.log(“Data: ” + data + ” ” + “Status: ” + status);

    For more information:

  • Hi Zoran,

    great tutorial (as usual)!

    One question: does intellisense parse the json definition (in your example in the json_data.asp file)?

    Or when accessing things like data.customer.name you have to remember exactly how the data is structured?



    • Hi Elia,
      No, in the example I was giving in this post, it doesn’t, at least not with Visual Studio 2012. I think VS is not as intelligent to parse the actual jQuery parameters and to determine that one is a source of data.
      Perhaps there are ways. It would be good to know.

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