May 262013

In the previous article Entity Framework Code First – Filtering And Sorting with paging (1) I have simply omitted to include the explanation of the “sorting” mechanism in the solution I’ve proposed. The intention was there but it was left out so I hope that this post will complete the whole story. A short summary of the previous articles For the new comers, this post [… read more]

May 232013

I was completely unaware of the SQL Server “ghost records” until recently I’ve started using a table in SQL Server database to temporarily store and then delete generated PDF documents as part of a nightly job. Because of a large amount of data being processed (inserted and then deleted) few days later our DBA realized that the database data files started growing in a rhythm [… read more]

May 072013

After quite a long time there is a small update on the Google DataTable .NET Wrapper library. For those who are new to the library please check the two previous posts: How to use the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Library What’s new in Google DataTable .NET Wrapper v3.0.0 What is new? First of all I would like to thank Tom Ziesmer who has substantially contributed [… read more]