Jan 262013

Since 2001 Syncfusion provides the broadest range of enterprise-class software components and tools for the Microsoft .NET platform, so it’s not a surprise that as a Software Consultant several times in my working career I had to deal with their libraries and components which usually were reliable, good quality and easy to use. That said, this blog post is not about their components, as there [… read more]

Jan 172013

When exposing a WCF service and hosting it on IIS6, most probably you are going to get the error shown in the image below, where the address of the WSDL location is not properly exposed to the end clients. This post is specifically concentrating to the solution of the problem in case the HTTPS protocol is used, as it has it’s own specific problems. As [… read more]

Jan 102013

Recently I started working on my side-hobby-project on the linktotweet.com web site, and one of the functionality I want to offer to site members is the possibility to track the statistics, and more precisely the location of their visitors. In other words, I need to translate the IP address to an actual location. While this is almost a trivial task for whoever is using the [… read more]

Jan 092013

Google DataTable .NET Wrapper library got its third version (v3.0.0). In this post I will highlight the changes. For basic information about the library check a previous post of how to use the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Library To download or consult the source code please visit the project’s CodePlex page or install directly from Visual Studio by using Nuget PM> Install-Package Google.DataTable.Net.Wrapper Custom object properties [… read more]