Dec 272012

In the previous post I’ve described how to use the library and what are the main characteristics. For sure there is more to come and follow up, so stay tuned. In this post, I would like to describe the big performance improvements made in the meantime, as I was not fully happy with the serialization performance in the first version. As I have just submitted a [… read more]

Dec 232012

As I have just published the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper project on CodePlex GitHub,  the following post intends to be a quick introduction on the rationale on why this project has been created and its implementation. Read further What is new in Google DataTable .Net Wrapper 3.1 What is new in Google DataTable .Net Wrapper 3.0 Improving Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Quick Project Background While [… read more]

MSBuild inline task explained

 Posted by on December 8, 2012
Dec 082012

In the last few days I was intensively working with MsBuild, as I had to automate the building and deployment of 3 projects to a large amount of environments. In order to achieve this, an obvious choice was to use the MsBuild, which in my opinion is a great framework that perfectly fits with the .NET world. Obviously there is a learning curve, but once [… read more]