Oct 262012

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 comes with a large amount of new features and improvements in almost all areas. The changes introduced in the “unit testing” and generally “testing” area are very significative. I’ve read the following sentence in one of the Microsoft slides and I couldn’t agree more: The Visual Studio 11 Unit Testing experience is focused on developers writing and running unit tests while [… read more]

Oct 132012

Among many tasks performed during the project life cycle, one thing that simply cannot be avoided is the task estimation. Accurate time estimation is a crucial skill in project management, and it affects all the other phases of the project. The project planning is depending on accurate estimation and Stakeholders often judge if a project was successful or not depending on whether it has been [… read more]

Oct 082012

Whenever you are working on a database solution that involves more than one deployment environment you need to be sure that you are running the same database schema and usually the same reference data. If you were to manage manually various databases in order to be sure that there are no differences, you would spend long hours with no guarantee when you were done that [… read more]

Oct 032012

This month tech review include more details on the major security flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone – allowing a full factory reset through code hidden in a web page. Not to mention some really good posts about Agile. Recommended Reading Are there any general techniques to speed up my coding? Agile Comparative Agility Assessment Tool Surpasses 5,500 Surveys What Exactly is Agile? Is [… read more]