Jun 272012

Recently I have written an article about how to wait for two threads to finish. The technique described in the article can be perfectly used when writing unit tests for asynchronous methods, especially for the ones exposing events. Test scenario Lets go straight to the code to be tested. This is a very simple implementation of a Document Generator Service, a class that is responsible [… read more]

Jun 152012

In the recent period Microsoft has put a lot of emphasis on the asynchronous programming. Multithreading, which is obviously connected to the asynchronous execution, gets an important support in the Microsoft.NET 3.5, 4 and 4.5. Just to name some new things introduced starting from .NET 4: Tasks: Introduced in Microsoft.NET 4. A Task represents an ongoing activity, which may be CPU intensive work running on [… read more]

LINQ Standard Query Operators

 Posted by on June 10, 2012
Jun 102012

Standard Query Operators are the “heart” of LINQ, as those operators are representing the API that we need to go through in order to do any LINQ query. There are two sets of LINQ standard query operators, one that operates on objects of type IEnumerable and the other that operates on objects of type IQueryable. They are defined as extension methods of the type that [… read more]

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