Monthly Archive: May 2012


List of Microsoft.NET IL disassemblers

A decompiler performs, as far as possible, the reverse operation to that of a compiler. In case of Microsoft.NET, it translates an assembly that has the IL code into a human readable form, which...


Basic tips for new bloggers

This post goes a bit away from the usual topics I am writing about. One of the reasons why am I starting this post in particular is to give credit to other bloggers which...


How to be agile in 10 basic steps

In order to be agile team in today’s quite stressful and demanding time, software programming team should try to follow some if not all of the below listed practices in order to succeed: Test-first...


Object Oriented Javascript – Object Creation

This post is an introduction to the Object Oriented functionality in JavaScript. I will discuss the ways of creating, instantiation and inheriting objects in JavaScript. JavaScript itself doesn’t contain the class keyword and there...