Apr 302015

Microsoft has announced today at its Build developer conference 2015, the launch of a new cross platform development tool: Visual Studio Code. The tool supports several languages, built-in debugging, git, ASP.NET 5, and many other features. Microsoft describes the new tool as: Visual Studio Code provides developers with a new choice of developer tool that combines the simplicity and streamlined experience of a code editor [… read more]

Jul 042013

In List of Microsoft.NET IL disassemblers post, I have already mentioned one of the Telerik’s (free) products, which is the JustDecompile. In this post I would like to review JustCode a tool of which Telerik has just released a new version. Unfortunately, the JustCode is not open source and it is not free, but it offers a great deal of functionality. I particularly like the [… read more]

MSBuild inline task explained

 Posted by on December 8, 2012
Dec 082012

In the last few days I was intensively working with MsBuild, as I had to automate the building and deployment of 3 projects to a large amount of environments. In order to achieve this, an obvious choice was to use the MsBuild, which in my opinion is a great framework that perfectly fits with the .NET world. Obviously there is a learning curve, but once [… read more]

Oct 262012

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 comes with a large amount of new features and improvements in almost all areas. The changes introduced in the “unit testing” and generally “testing” area are very significative. I’ve read the following sentence in one of the Microsoft slides and I couldn’t agree more: The Visual Studio 11 Unit Testing experience is focused on developers writing and running unit tests while [… read more]

Aug 142012

By continuously improving the design of code, we make it easier and easier to work with. This is in sharp contrast to what typically happens: little refactoring and a great deal of attention paid to expediently adding new features. If you get into the hygienic habit of refactoring continuously, you’ll find that it is easier to extend and maintain code. —Joshua Kerievsky, Refactoring to Patterns[2] [… read more]