Oct 282014
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This is the continuation of the previously written post.

Open DBDiff

Open DBDiff is a free and open source database schema comparison tool for SQL Server 2005/2008.
It reports differences between two database schemas and provides a synchronization script to upgrade a database from one to the other.  Open DBDiff can synchronize> Tables (including Table Options like vardecimal, text in row, etc.), Columns (including Computed Columns, XML options, Identities, etc.), Constraints, Indexes (and XML Indexes), XML Schemas, Table Types, User Data Types (UDT), CLR Objects (Assemblies, CLR-UDT, CLR-Store Procedure, CLR-Triggers), Triggers (including DDL Triggers), Synonyms, Schemas, File groups, Views, Functions, Store Procedures, Partition Functions/Schemes, Users, Roles

Open DbDiff

tablediff Utility (Microsoft)

The tablediff utility is used to compare the data in two tables for non-convergence, and is particularly useful for troubleshooting non-convergence in a replication topology. This utility can be used from the command prompt or in a batch file to perform the following tasks:

  • A row by row comparison between a source table in an instance of Microsoft SQL Server acting as a replication Publisher and the destination table at one or more instances of SQL Server acting as replication Subscribers.
  • Perform a fast comparison by only comparing row counts and schema.
  • Perform column-level comparisons.
  • Generate a Transact-SQL script to fix discrepancies at the destination server to bring the source and destination tables into convergence.
  • Log results to an output file or into a table in the destination database.

Mighty Comparer (Agile Wheel Solutions)

Have you ever struggled to make your code work on different versions of the same database?
If you have then Mighty Comparer could be the tool for you.
Think of an impressive AJAX enabled JEE application that you’ve just coded; it works so smoothly,doesn’t it? It must, the managers were so impressed at the recent sprint demo…
But still, when deployed in the user acceptance environment the application displays an exception when you access most of the web pages. You spend some time investigating and track down the problem to a difference in the database structure.Mighty Comparer is a database comparison tool. It allows you to view database differences graphically. Download Mighty Comparer completely free

Mighty Comparer

Database comparer  (clevercomponents)

Database comparer is free for non commercial use.

  • Can compare database with database, database with SQL/DDL script and SQL/DDL script with SQL/DDL script.
  • Can compare and synchronize data between two database tables.
  • You can optionally select which objects (domains, tables, procedures, triggers etc.) should be compared.
  • Batch mode for most operations.
  • Ability to browse Master and Target structure trees and visually display the differences between them.
  • Final update SQL script can be edited or broken onto separate steps using built-in SQL editor with highlight feature. You can manually change steps order or optionally disable selected steps.
  • Build-in additional functionality such as: drop constraints, backup/restore, database validation and many other useful features.

Compare Data  (zidsoft)

CompareData is a native Windows cross-dbms application that allows you to visually compare and synchronize data between two SQL databases using ODBC drivers. You can retrieve some/all data for a table/view from two databases and compare the data visually to see differences highlighted on the screen. You can also compare data of two sql queries and dbms metadata


  • Compare data between two tables/views of the same or different names
  • Compare columns having the same or different names and/or data types
  • Compare data of two sql queries
  • Synchronize table data at row level, table level or folder level
  • Compare data of a group of tables/queries or all tables with one command
  • Compare resultsets of any size.* See comparing large resultsets
  • Compare schema for two tables or a group of tables including: columns, indices, primary key, foreign keys, triggers and table permissions
  • Compare stored procedures/functions
  • Command line or internally schedule comparisons and data synchronization
  • Multi-threaded, multicore-ready design. Native 64-bit version is available. See x64
  • Free for comparing table/view data. New evaluation period with each new release.

SQLDBDiff (sqldbtools)

SQLDBDiff is a powerful and easy to use tool, that compares the schema and the data of SQL Server databases. SQLDBDiff supports SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000 and SQL Azure.

The following objects are supported :

  • Tables and columns (with the possibility to respect or not columns order);
  • Views (including their indexes and triggers);
  • Stored procedures;
  • User defined functions;
  • Triggers;
  • PK and Indexes (with the possibility to include or not statistic indexes);
  • Relationships;
  • CHECK Constraints;
  • Default Constraints;
  • UDDT;
  • DDL Triggers (SQL 2008, 2005);
  • Synonyms (SQL 2008, 2005);
  • Permissions;
  • User and Roles;
  • Database properties;
  • SQL Server properties.
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