My name is Zoran Maksimovic. I am a Solution Architect with quite a few years of professional experience.

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Then please visit my LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/zoran or directly download my Curriculum Vitae.

Zoran MaksimovicI am working for one of the world largest bank based in Zürich (Switzerland), in the Investment Banking FX Derivatives area where I work as a Technical Team Lead.

As a Team Lead I’m responsible for the planning and leading the solution architecture, implementation and delivery of a suite of trading applications in the FX Options and FX Structured Deposits area by using Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Java technology. I am responsible for all the (technical) phases of the project which involves coding mostly by using the Microsoft technologies, which is my biggest interest for the time being.


I enjoy working with and using the following languages:
C#, T-SQL, XML, XHTML, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, VBA and VBScript and when I have time I try to experiment with F# but unfortunately not as much as I would love to.


I am particularly interested in Domain Driven Design, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Entity Relationship Modelling, N-tier architecture, MVC and AGILE (SCRUM) for which I am a certified Scrum Master.

Private projects

I am working on a couple of projects on my own. Contact me if you think I can help you!

ServiceStack Succinctly MongoDB Succinctly


“Continuously for 3 years i have interacted with Zoran, and he was always a pleasure to work with, thriving to help solve the numerous issues that usually arise when IT projects integrate.
His knowledge of FX derivatives area applications and environments, and his will to help out, even in periods of tension, made it a joy to work with him over the past years.
Zoran, looking forward to come over to your (physical) desk and get things done again!”December 19, 2011, Nicolas Bizard, Technical team lead, Credit Suisse
“Zoran is a smart, hardworking, professional team lead and developer, his pragmatic approach to delivery coupled with his focus on quality has enabled the success of many deliveries.
I have really enjoyed working with Zoran and it would be a pleasure to work with him in the future.”May 5, 2011, Azim Khaki, Delivery Manager FX Trading, Credit Suisse
“Zoran, as team leader of the .Net C# and MS SQL developers, has proven a key resource for my projects. Extremely hard working, leading by example, and eager to walk the extra mile. He motivates the team to deliver beyond expectations and is always willing to help in any task.”August 28, 2009, Pedro Herrero, FX Trading IT PM, Credit Suisse

“Zoran has worked as team leader shortly after he joined Credit Suisse. He is always motivated and capable to inspire his team members, and has greatly led the working process changes in his team and made some remarkable deliverables.Zoran is an experienced programmer and consultant, as well as highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He also embraced the challenges and was able to turn things around fairly quickly here.”July 20, 2009, Lin Mo, AVP, CS

“Zoran is a professional and competent developer. With his sense of humour and balanced outlook, he’s also a good colleague socially and to work with. I have no hesitation in recommeding Zoran and look forward to working with him in future.”March 30, 2009, Shawn Crocker, Senior SQL Server Developer/Technical Lead, Credit Suisse

I encourage you to contact me or write a comment so that together we could improve this blog and make it even more helpful!


Disclaimer: Using whatever code or solution in this blog, is at your own risk, as if it works for me it doesn’t mean that it will work for you:)

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