Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly

 Posted by on April 9, 2014
Apr 092014

I would like to suggest you to download a new free e-book from the Syncfusion web site that I had a pleasure to work on as a Technical Editor: Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly.

Just a few words about the Twitter Bootstrap framework:

Twitter Bootstrap (TWB) is a free front-end framework built by Twitter developers to ensure visual and functional consistency across websites and applications. In Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly, Peter Shaw explains what makes up a consistent, attractive UI, and why having one is important. He then walks you through the basics of adding beautiful, user-friendly components to your projects with only a few lines of HTML and CSS. You’ll learn how to add TWB to an existing project, and use it to customize attractive buttons, tabs, breadcrumbs, dropdowns, and more. There are even chapters dedicated to optional JavaScript and TWB extensions for when you’re ready to take your UI’s appearance a step further.

Twitter Bootstrap

Table of Contents

  • What is Twitter Bootstrap?
  • Adding Bootstrap to Your Project
  • Twitter Bootstrap Scaffolding
  • Twitter Bootstrap Base CSS Classes
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Components
  • Twitter Bootstrap JavaScript
  • Extending Bootstrap

Peter has also written a blog post explaining his book.

The book can be directly downloaded from the Syncfusion web site.

List of ASP.NET MVC grid controls

 Posted by on January 10, 2014
Jan 102014
List of ASP.NET MVC grid controls

I was trying out several grid implementation for my next ASP.NET MVC framework based project, and thought to share with you the list of known grid display solutions I’ve found. All the description have been taken directly from the relative sites. Code based ASP.NET MVC GridView - Simple GridView extension method which generates a nice looking, plain-HTML grid with all required features like paging, editing, deleting, alternating rows. Post from 4. June 2008. FlexGrid – Lightweight but rich data grid with [... read more]

Jan 052014
Top things to do on every software project

Every software project is particular and has its own features, but in general there are things that are common across the industry! In this post I would like to mention things that in my opinion are a must and that I am currently following whenever working on a project.  The priority of the list is not given by the order as it would largely depend on the project size, team size, priorities, milestones and timeline. Depending on the project some [... read more]

Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Succinctly

 Posted by on December 15, 2013
Dec 152013
Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Succinctly

Recently I had a pleasure to Technically Review the Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Succinctly e-book , which is part of the Syncfusion’s succinctly series e-books, and finally the book got published and it’s immediately available for download! The book’s author has made a good job and has given a lot of good examples of how to use the technology and I cannot do otherwise than recommend you to download the e-book directly from the Syncfusion’s web site. I really enjoyed reviewing [... read more]

Oct 052013 - open your blog to twitter

In December 2012 I started working on a one-man-project called I started the project as an experiment as I wanted to try and learn about the newest available versions of various technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Geolocation, and Google Charts. I though that it would be good to expose the service to the web and, after purchasing a domain name, the service was up and running after only 2 weeks of work. Few tweets aside, almost no [... read more]

Aug 012013
ServiceStack: IoC with Microsoft Unity

ServiceStack is a high-performance .NET web services framework (including a number of high-performance sub-components) that simplifies the development of XML, JSON, JSV and SOAP Web Services. ServiceStack has a large number of components, and it has its own “ecosystem”. One of the functionality ServiceStack exposes is the dependency injection with it’s built-in Funq IoC framework. Wile Funq is an excellent framework, for a number of reasons you might want to use the framework you are already familiar with like: StructureMap, [... read more]

Jul 042013
Debug Decompiled Code within Visual Studio with Telerik's JustCode

In List of Microsoft.NET IL disassemblers post, I have already mentioned one of the Telerik’s (free) products, which is the JustDecompile. In this post I would like to review JustCode a tool of which Telerik has just released a new version. Unfortunately, the JustCode is not open source and it is not free, but it offers a great deal of functionality. I particularly like the latest added ability to debug decompiled code, directly within Visual Studio. Before we start, what [... read more]

May 262013

In the previous article Entity Framework Code First – Filtering And Sorting with paging (1) I have simply omitted to include the explanation of the “sorting” mechanism in the solution I’ve proposed. The intention was there but it was left out so I hope that this post will complete the whole story. A short summary of the previous articles For the new comers, this post is part of a trilogy, so to understand the whole picture you may follow: Entity [... read more]

May 232013
SQL Server ghost records - in a nutshell

I was completely unaware of the SQL Server “ghost records” until recently I’ve started using a table in SQL Server database to temporarily store and then delete generated PDF documents as part of a nightly job. Because of a large amount of data being processed (inserted and then deleted) few days later our DBA realized that the database data files started growing in a rhythm of 10GB per day without any apparent reasons. What is a Ghost Record “Ghost Records” [... read more]

May 072013

After quite a long time there is a small update on the Google DataTable .NET Wrapper library. For those who are new to the library please check the two previous posts: How to use the Google DataTable .Net Wrapper Library What’s new in Google DataTable .NET Wrapper v3.0.0 What is new? First of all I would like to thank Tom Ziesmer who has substantially contributed the code and ideas (suggestions) of this minor release. IEnumerable converter to DataTable Tom was [... read more]

Mar 152013
Key design principles in Software Development

Software Development is so many things; to have a good start creativity, passion and methodology have to be a perfect match. While the creativity and the passion are subjective and personal, the methodology is something that can be learnt, developed, enhanced and shared. Like mathematics, it can be seen as an universal language. Principles When developing software there are some best-practices and principles that should be followed so that every software developer should be able to read and understand the [... read more]

Mar 102013
What makes an IT Project successful?

In one of my earlier posts I tried to describe what kind of attributes a leader should have to be successful, and in this post I would like to go a big further and try to define what should make an IT project a success. Wikipedia says that In project management a project consists of a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. By reading the above definition, there are two ingredients that define a project: [... read more]